USTR Launches Request for Comments on ACTA

The USTR has launched a public request for comments on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.  There has been no indication from Canadian officials about possible meetings or consultations.


  1. Why bother to have consultations or meetings if they have already made up their minds?

    The only remaining issue likely is “Where do we sign?”

  2. Shouldn’t consulations have been done before we agreed? Oh wait…our government isn’t very good at consultations and tend to ignore the results when they don’t agree anyway…”I don’t care what it says, as long as the US is happy!!”

  3. We should try anyways BTW here’s the more clearer link!documentDetail;D=USTR_FRDOC_0001-0137

  4. This is a token gesture only, merely to deflect criticism
    The “final text” is summarised as “Consistent with the Administration’s strategy for intellectual property enforcement, ACTA would be the highest-standard plurilateral agreement yet achieved concerning the enforcement of intellectual property rights, and would establish an international model for effectively combating the global proliferation of commercial-scale counterfeiting and piracy. In addition to requirements concerning legal frameworks for intellectual property enforcement, the proposed agreement also includes innovative provisions to deepen international cooperation and to promote strong enforcement practices. Together these provisions will help to protect American jobs in innovative and creative industries against intellectual property theft.”

    In short, you can comment all you like, but no changes are welcome (it’s “final text”, remember?) and you would be anti-American to oppose it totally (protect jobs, innovative industries, deepen cooperation, strong enforcement… how dare you criticise it after all those emotive terms?)

    Or, in other words, we didn’t consult you at any time previously, and this is only a token gesture of allowing ineffectual input now, so we can fob you off later as being irrelevant.

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