CRTC Launches Consultation on Over-the-Top Video Providers

The CRTC has launched a “fact-finding exercise” on over-the-top video providers such as Netflix. The Commission is focused on their impact on Canadian broadcasting system. Comments are due by June 27, 2011.


  1. The “fact-finding exercise” should be more aptly entitled, “How can we stop a freight train loaded with rocket fuel?”. Really, that’s what it’s all about, they want to get Netflix out.

  2. I see Shaw just upped the anti…we’ll see a huge influx of Netflix users on Shaw accounts.

  3. More info please.
    While I applaud shaw for it’s recent pricing and cap moves I wonder how this will tie in with Netflix and requirements placed on it. There are likely things going on behind the scenes here that we are not privy to.

    Does anyone have a link to info on what Canadian broadcasters are required to provide for Canadian content. Do they actually contribute funds to local production or is it just a matter of ratio of Canadian/Foreign programs broadcast?

  4. It was my understanding Netflix was exempt from such restrictions since it’s an on-demand service more akin to video rental than broadcasting. Admittedly, my knowledge in this area is weak at best.

  5. requirements
    Currently all “new media broadcasters” continue to be exempted from licensing under the 2009 amended exemption order. There are new conditions preventing undue preference and reporting requirements, which are currently limited to new media broadcasters associated with licensed broadcasters. At this point it seems like they want Netflix and the like to be subject to the same reporting requirements. I don’t see how they could be forced to contribute to the system without repealing the exemption order.

  6. It still begs the question of how can they force on-demand services to play Canadian content. They can offer it, but it still requires a subscriber to actually pick it to watch. Unlike traditional broadcasting which run programs at given times whether I watch them or not, on-demand services offer a large library from which I can pick what I want, when I want, in any order I want. Canadian content gets no more preference than US or UK content…it’s just there. Everything ultimately becomes evaluated on it’s quality rather than where it’s produced.

    The exemption order should stand since placing such restrictions on such a service doesn’t make a lick of sense.

  7. I believe Netflix Canada has a fair selection of Canadian content. Theoretically, I could choose to watch Canadian content exclusively if I so wish.