EU Wants a Total Re-Write of Canadian IP Law

Stuart Trew reports on a call last week with Canadian officials on the status of the Canada – EU Trade Agreement.  The intellectual property provisions remain a sticking point with the EU seeking “a total re-write of Canadian IP rules.”


  1. Negotiations
    I wonder if they would capitulate, if we promised to increase the amount of trade using Euros, instead of Greenbacks?
    Frankly, I am under the impression that there isn’t a lot we actually need from them; wWhy are they dictating to us? It’s not like they carry the clout of, say, the BRICS group. I mean, having an economic affiliation with countries contained by the Arctic circle seems pragmatic – we all produce & use physical goods necessary to our seasonal circumstance (would Norway even be included?) – but if this is the tone being set for this agreement, maybe we should just continue trading as we have for the past 200 years (even if their are marginal inefficiencies to cope with).

  2. WE should call the shots
    Other than an historical connection, I’d guess that they need us more than we need them.

    How many thousand kilometres are we away?

    Maybe we should consider the future instead and adopt China’s IP provisions. 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    The rich use trade deals to control us
    What was it that peeved off the Americans before? No taxation without representation? Well how about this, no trade deal without autonomy. We have the right to oversee our own laws, it isn’t the job of other nations to tell us what to do.

    Sadly the conservative govt, even in a minority position, showed they we were far to quick to capitulate with non-Canadians and willing to ignore the will of Canadians.

    Great representatives these are.