Government Reaffirms Plans for Lawful Access

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews yesterday re-affirmed the government’s commitment to passing lawful access legislation within 100 sitting days.


  1. Ben Harack says:

    Read the piece, didn’t see lawful access mentioned
    I just read through the piece you linked. The only thing as far as I know that might be lawful access is: “Giving law enforcement up-to-date tools to fight crime in today’s high-tech communications environment;” Which is general enough that it doesn’t say much.

  2. @Ben Harack
    That’s the sentence they use instead of lawful access or anything that might elaborate on the bill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Somebody ask the professor!
    What is this you’ve dug up here? Is this “warrantless DPI”? Backdoor to https?

    When you get a chance, Mr. Chairman.

  4. Crockett says:

    Braveheart …
    Anonymous — Hi, John.

  5. mandelbr0t says:

    Internet Censorship
    This story is being buried by mainstream media. Thanks for making this public. The proposed legislation is a scary slippery slope to Canadians losing all civil rights. The US is forcing us to adopt a police state so that they can fight their wars. I wish that Canadian politicians were intelligent enough to see that this is both a dangerous and ineffective idea.