Polls are Open: Get out and Vote!


  1. Crockett says:

    Happy Voting Day!
    Remember the party’s digital platform policies as you consider your candidates!

  2. Devils, devils, everywhere…
    Which to choose, which to choose?
    The one I know? The one I don’t?
    Liars, fraudsters, incompetent-sirs.
    Michael, why don’t you run for PM – at least there’d be someone I could trust.

  3. I just hope Dr. Geist’s graduate students are digging into this whole bin Laden story.

    I can’t wait to find out how it all relates to Canadian copyright laws and how they are influenced by the US.

  4. @Degen
    Uncalled for random bashing. Do you ever tire from these childish jabs? And you all yourself your a professional ! Wow. Credibility mean anything to you?

  5. Shawn Halayka says:

    Geist for PM
    Adrian, quit stealing my ideas without proper attribution. 😉

  6. Crockett says:

    Denial on display …
    DENIAL = Don’t Even kNow I Am Lying

    @Degen “I just hope Dr. Geist’s graduate students are digging into this whole bin Laden story. I can’t wait to find out how it all relates to Canadian copyright laws and how they are influenced by the US.”

    Thanks for the laugh John 😀

  7. Freddy Mercury says:

    on your bikes and vote!

  8. Remember folks….vote for “ABC!” (Anything But Conservatives)

  9. Anobe, “ABC” is the abortion – breast cancer hypothesis.

    It links abortions to breast cancer.

  10. Molly, I was referring to having the public voting other than Conservatives so just saying in my opinion. You don’t have to change the subject with something biased and one-sided.

  11. Conservative Majority
    Get ready to go backwards in time to 1984, the end of Canada as we know it.

  12. Crockett says:

    Investment opportunity …
    With a Conservative Majority win I suggest investing in …

    Textbook shredders
    Prison fashions
    VPN providers
    Law firms
    Fighter Jet repair
    Environmental cleaning services

    Dr. Geist, we’ll need you more than ever.

  13. Crockett says:

    Conservative Majority …
    Why are there so many dense people in the world?

  14. Well say goodbye too all your Rights as a Canadian via the internet, Harper Majority is about to change everything.

  15. Welcome to the end…
    The conservatives finally got their majority government that they were wanting.

    I guess we can kiss any possibility of a fair and just copyright reform goodbye. They will push C32 through so fast that I don’t know if anybody is even going to notice.

    Hello legal protection for digital locks… and the end of all consumer freedoms other than those that the copyright holder specifically designates (which will be rendered obsolete technologically after only a few years, long before the copyright expires, but that won’t affect the legality of copying the work).

  16. When one door closes, another one opens…
    there’s an opportunity here, too. The NDP was already gravitating towards consumer freedoms, so it’s “just” a matter of convincing the Liberals that it would be in their best interest to stand up for consumer rights and for a healthy and rich “public domain”.
    The important thing is to not give up. Keep making noise. Get organized.

  17. Saddly the Cons have the keys to those doors.
    With a Majority, we can make as much noise as we want, but we have no real way to tell the Cons that we won’t put up with their Oppressive Copyright Reform until the next general election which will be at Harper’s Choosing anywhere between now and 5 years.

    For Just and Fair Reform, we’re screwed.

  18. Byte…
    Well, let us hope you’re right about it otherwise we’ll start getting really violent.

  19. Byte, with a majority government, it doesn’t really matter how many other parties ally against them on an issue. Even all of the other parties combined don’t have as many seats as the conservatives, so the conservatives can just push through whatever the damn hell they want to now.

  20. Maybe Canada actually needs this….
    … to see just what a Con majority will actually do once in POWER. If they do half of what they say they’re going to do to the country, it could turn people off Conservatives for a generation. Unfortunately I foresee C-32 being re-introduced with even worse restrictions than the Conservatives tried to get through as a minority.

    And just who is this “Degen” fellow anyway?

    Ugh, these new captchas are too hard to read….

  21. The Archon says:

    Re: Maybe Canada actually needs this….
    “If they do half of what they say they’re going to do to the country, it could turn people off Conservatives for a generation.”

    If what they’ve done so far hasn’t done it, I think they’d have to start sacrificing babies on altars before people defected en masse.

    Oh, well. Should we mail the US embassy for a copy of the new copyright law or wait until the Conservatives introduce it?

  22. Considering the conservatives are sort of in the hip pocket of the USA, I doubt there will be any significant differences, Archon.

    Say hello to the Canadian DMCA, folks. Most likely brought into law before the end of next year.

  23. Un-Trusted Computing says:

    Sitting on the fence for too long
    I’m not impressed with the results of tonight’s election, but, a couple of things are worth mentioning: This election had a turnout of barely 62%, so in that sense we get the government we deserve. This was a historical election, if you didn’t get out there then you deserve whatever happens in the next 4-5 years.

    The other thing worth bringing up is that it’s high time Canadians started securing their traffic in the light of lawful access being introduced. Privacy is a two way street. You don’t get any if your curtains are open as it were.


  24. Looking with my eyeglass. says:

    Lawyers everywhere.
    This is a great time in Canadian history to be a lawyer.

  25. Time to start the campaign agaist the current copyright reform
    Well, with the shown track record of this government, I’d say it’s time to start the campaign to fix or scrap the current copyright proposal. Otherwise, all your files belong to us.

  26. Pros and Cons
    Good to have a majority, political stability has its merits. OTOH, I suspect this is going to take our country in a direction I would have preferred we steered clear of. I foresee, four years from now, more laws, more law enforcement, and more international enemies for Canada. As he said, Harper is going to fundamentally change the face of Canada.
    Congrats to the Conservative campaigners, I guess its time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, eh?

  27. *sigh*
    Conservative platform wasn’t so bad (digital issues aside)… it’s the power hungry maniac leading them that is the problem.

    Also, congrats to the country for showing him just how little we care about digital issues. We essentially gave him license to do anything he wants now, because we’ve proven he won’t have to worry about the votes.

  28. iamliving says:

    Quebec finally joins Canada
    and Ontario and BC out their heads between their legs and kiss it good-bye. WTF!

    Right-wing Canadians are just as shallow as their US counterparts. Electing a Conservative government that was found in contempt of Parliament and ran rough shot over virtually every aspect on the democratic process.

    Tighten up your sphincters folks. It’s going to be a LONG, HARD four or five years.

    Oh and you might want to start using Tor! Just a suggestion…

  29. uh-oh.