CRTC Issues Warning to Rogers: Address Throttling Concern or Face Public Hearing

The CRTC has issued a warning to Rogers in the ongoing dispute over its alleged throttling of World of Warcraft. The Commission says it is not persuaded the issue has been completely resolved and gives the company until July 25th to address ongoing concerns.  It says failure to do so may result in a public process.


  1. Nice to see the CRTC is actually doing something to help the people. Seems they can do it… from time to time.

  2. Subtlety
    Did anyone else catch the subtlety of wording here?

    “If the company fails to provide the above-noted information by that date, the Commission may initiate a public process to examine the matter in more detail.”

    “MAY”…they may initiate a public process. There is no commitment to anything here.