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Access Copyright: It’s “Virtually Impossible” to Opt-Out Of Tariff

Over the past few weeks, a growing number of Canadian universities have announced plans to opt-out of the Access Copyright interim tariff effective September 1, 2011 (the University of Calgary’s Gauntlet has an excellent article on the issue). Those universities join many others that opted-out from the start of the year. While many universities are moving on to alternative licensing approaches, the universities and Access Copyright continue to battle over the prospect of transactional (or pay-per-use) licensing which the universities want and Access Copyright refuses to grant. The AUCC filed its response on the issue earlier this week, which included some notable correspondence between Access Copyright and academic publishers.

According to Access Copyright “it’s virtually impossible to ‘opt-out’ of the interim tariff. The only way an institution would be able to ‘opt-out’ would be an absolute ban on all copying.” This is simply false and it is stunning to see Access Copyright advise major publishers that that is the case (along with advice that publishers tell universities that the interim tariff is the only option – “take it or leave it”). 

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CIRA Implements Revised Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Rules

CIRA has announced changes to the dot-ca domain name dispute resolution policy. The changes expand the scope of bad faith, but also eliminate the need for use for generic domain names. The changes take effect on August 22nd.

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Mexican Senate Votes Against ACTA

The Mexican Senate has voted against ratifying the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The vote comes on the heels of a European report that cautions against implementing ACTA without changes to EU law and guidelines for EU member state implementation.

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Weatherall on the Impact of the TPP

Kim Weatherall has published a paper assessing the legal impact of the intellectual property provisions of the Trans Pacific Partnership on Australian law.

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