Bill C-11 Committee Timeline Set

The Bill C-11 committee reviewing the copyright reform bill met for the first time yesterday and set out a fast-paced plan to conclude review of the bill. The committee will meet for 12 hours per week – four times a week for three hours each – until mid-March. It will then move to clause-by-clause review of the bill, which will conclude by the end of the month.

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  1. PacMan Yaffe says:

    Easter Egg
    What an Easter it will be! Locks, levies, lawsuits and jail-time galore for innocent file sharers, privacy advocates, the disabled, students and property owners.

    Litigators, lawyers and shills: prepare for euphoria.

    Innocent Canadian citizens: prepare for the rapture.

  2. The sad part about this is that we are entering the era of Canadian politics a la American. Right or wrong, the Conservatives are passing all sorts of laws and regulations that appeal mostly to their base. Policies that will simply be reversed or counter-acted once the opposition gets back in power (they will eventually).

    Just like American politics, there will no longer be any confortable middle ground, just constant see-saw battles between right or left leaning policies not based on pragmatism, but on raw ideology.

    Maybe Justin is right, this is really not the Canada I grew up in.

  3. Let’s make a new bill…
    So how do we get a new bill going? Let’s create a new bill which makes it illegal for any individual or business to create a piece of work with a digital lock that hinders peoples access to works.

    Make it so they are free to use a DRM to stop copying but in the terms of fair use must provide a non-drm copy of the work on request, or provide access on the consumers terms.

    Let’s trump the trump card.

  4. I’m sure they’ll ignore any and all feedback that doesn’t fit with their viewpoint.

  5. Feeling Violated says:

    While reading all the latest news concerning these amendments and bills that are being rammed down our throats, you have to ask yourself… Where is all this coming from? Are these the ideas that our present conservative government have dreamed up? Or are they coming from somewhere other than Canada? Is the US [which is being currently influenced and bought by Hollywood] pressuring our present government to pursue these new laws? Possibly even being bought out as is happening in the US?

    Maybe the future will reveal the answer to these questions.

    I believe that all Canadians deserve better than this.

  6. Does that mean it’s too late to do anything now?

    I’m honesty a little scared about the outcome 🙁

  7. Feeling Violated says:




    It’s never too late. As you can see, because of people that do stand up for their Freedom and Privacy, such as Mr. Geist, the Conservatives are now in retreat. Always voice your opinion when you believe yourself or others privileges are being taken away. Always stand up for what you believe in. This is what makes change for the better-for the majority. For all good Canadians.

  8. “That’s really what the long-gun registry is about … it’s criminalizing, or attempting to criminalize, a way of life.” – Vic Toews

    Tell me about it. It feels like that on the Internet these days too. It’s too easy to speak on the Net. We have to fix that. Simple: locks and cameras. Lots of em.

  9. Road to Ruin
    By the time these conservative thugs are finished, Canada, the home we love will seem like a foreign land….so much so that there will be nothing left of the Canada we once knew.