Ubisoft Games Won’t Work This Week

Entertainment software giant Ubisoft, who the Ontario government gave $263 million in 2009 to create 80 jobs per year over 10 years (or $328,750 per job), has advised its customers that its games may not work sometime this week due to its reliance on digital locks and the migration of data servers.


  1. And this is precisely why I stopped buying Ubisoft games
    Even those that don’t use this DRM scheme. Which is a pity, as I liked some of their games.

  2. Michel Billard says:

    I could understand if multiplayer games would stop working, but we’re talking about single player games which legitimate customers have payed for.

  3. This just goes to show why consumers need to have the right to break some digital locks. There are ways around these DRM schemes, but bill C-11 would make fixing your game illegal.

    Plus, what happens if, say, Ubisoft decides to “retire” a certain game? Players lose all their progress.

    Another reason to download the circumventions to this technology. Why be dependant on Ubisoft to play your games?

  4. Needless to say
    the people with pirate copies will have no such issue.
    DRM – making your product both more expensive and less functional than the pirated version. Sigh.