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Crew Close-Up by benj mako hill (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Trouble with the TPP, Day 2: Locking in Digital Locks

The Trouble with the TPP series (Day 1: US Blocks Balancing Provisions) spends the next few days examining the TPP’s copyright provisions. One of the most controversial aspects of the 2012 Canadian copyright reform process involved the anti-circumvention provisions, often referred to as the digital lock rules. The U.S. pressured Canada to include anti-circumvention rules, which were required for ratification of the WIPO Internet Treaties, within the copyright reform package. They feature legal protections for technological protection measures (TPMs, a broader umbrella that captures digital rights management or DRM) and rights management information (RMI).

There was an enormous amount of scholarly analysis on these issues throughout the reform process. For example, I wrote about the flexibility in implementing the WIPO Internet Treaties, Carys Craig wrote about the negative implications for fair dealing, Ian Kerr wrote about the broader implications of digital locks, Jeremy deBeer focused on the constitutional concerns, and Mark Perry wrote about rights management information. Moreover, David Lametti, now a Liberal MP and the Parliamentary Secretary for International Trade, wrote about the incoherence of the digital lock rules. The academic analysis was decidedly negative about the legal reforms as was the broader public, which made the issue a top priority as part of the 2009 copyright consultation.

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January 5, 2016 2 comments News

India Passes Digital Lock Rules That Link Circumvention to Copyright Infringement

India’s two Houses of Parliament passed copyright reform legislation this month that includes digital lock provisions. The Indian approach is very similar to what dozens of groups recommended for Canada as it links circumvention to copyright infringement. The new Indian digital lock rules state: 65A. (1)  Any person who circumvents […]

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May 25, 2012 5 comments News

Note to Publishers: Your Addiction to DRM is Killing You

Mathew Ingram posts on why publishers’ emphasis on DRM is hurting the industry, not infringers. Meanwhile, the e-book price fixing lawsuits in the U.S. appear to have migrated to Canada.

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April 19, 2012 3 comments News

Ubisoft Games Won’t Work This Week

Entertainment software giant Ubisoft, who the Ontario government gave $263 million in 2009 to create 80 jobs per year over 10 years (or $328,750 per job), has advised its customers that its games may not work sometime this week due to its reliance on digital locks and the migration of […]

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February 6, 2012 4 comments News

Louis C.K.’s DRM-Free Experiment

Comedian Louis C.K. posts on a recent experiment to offer a DRM-free video as a $5 download. The result: $500,000 in revenue and $200,000 in profit in three days.

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December 14, 2011 9 comments News