Louis C.K.’s DRM-Free Experiment

Comedian Louis C.K. posts on a recent experiment to offer a DRM-free video as a $5 download. The result: $500,000 in revenue and $200,000 in profit in three days.


  1. Well this guy needs our support!
    Proof the industry is full of B.S. ten ways o’ centre!

  2. I would have bought it but no PayPal account….I guess I should finally start to bow down to the almighty paypal….
    and get a free account to track my online purchase from another company…at least now I only get junk mail from VISA…

  3. mrmr
    you can buy it through paypal with out having an account. i don’t have one and i just bought it. im not sure what it is but i like the cause and its only 5 dollars.

  4. Hmm, what was that about a golden rule?
    This model can work, and some recent high profile cases have showcased just that. It is not the only model, nor necessarily the best in all cases. It helps if you are already famous, the type of material and potential fan base are also factors.

    Nevertheless, I think it can be said that it is actually possible to ‘compete with free’ if the dynamics are correct. Another thing we can come away with is if you treat your fans with respect they will reciprocate … screw them over and the same will be true.

  5. @mrknowitall
    Thanks, didn’t know you could go through paypal without an account…just purchased it…can’t wait for the download.

  6. Funny,…not many are torrenting this….
    and funny like me (which I didn’t), probably the only ones are people that don’t have the 5 bucks or paypal accounts (or didn’t know they didn’t need one).

    CK update it to say you don’t need a paypal account but can use visa or mastercard through paypal….

  7. I paid
    $5 is a no-brainer. It’s easily one of the funniest things I’ve seen—if you like Russell Peters you’ll love Louis CK at the Beacon.

    Watched it 3 times, still funny.

  8. Just bought it! Humble Bundle is doing something similar with video games Have purchased it twice AND Linux users have the highest average payment!

  9. It was a good show and worth the $5 since all that money went to Louis and he distributed it himself to where it was needed. Now back to pirating overpriced entertainment and taking money of out starving artists children’s mouths..