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Canada – US Beyond the Border Deal: IP Enforcement Doesn’t Make the Cut

Canada and the U.S. unveiled a new perimeter agreement on Wednesday that includes new border measures and regulatory cooperation initiatives. While the agreement raises important privacy concerns with respect to information sharing and paves the way for lawful access with a Canadian commitment to accede to the Council of Europe […]

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The Daily Digital Lock Dissenter, Day 48: Canadian Urban Library Council

The Canadian Urban Library Council members collectively serve more than 7.5 million active users at 522 locations. In 2008, members loaned 171,000,000 items and expended $86 million on collections including $8 million on digital resources. The CULC provided a submission to the 2009 national copyright consultation and said the following about digital locks:

Legislation must ensure that individuals and the not-for-profit library, archive, museum, and education institutions which serve them can circumvent TPMs for non-infringing purposes. Increasingly content providers are recognizing that TPMs which restrict using legally acquired content on different devices are not acceptable to consumers. TPMs which restrict legal copying or format shifting should not be protected in legislation. Canada’s public libraries place a high priority on service to multicultural communities including recent immigrants. Of necessity this requires the provision of audio-visual collections which may have regional coding. TPM legislation as formulated in other countries and the last copyright legislation tabled in the House of Commons could be used to make illegal the ownership of DVD players which bypass regional coding. Such an outcome is especially unacceptable in a multicultural country such as Canada and certainly has the potential to impede public library service.

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