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The Magnotta Case and Online Surveillance

The CBC reports that it obtained documents under the Access to Information Act in which the government tries to justify statements from Public Safety Minister Vic Toews that Bill C-30, the online surveillance bill, would have assisted with the Luka Magnotta investigation. I appeared on CBC’s Power and Politics to challenge the claims. This interview is available on YouTube, but for better video quality, watch it on CBC’s website.


  1. The problem is…
    They would not have needed an online surveillance system to actually figure out that guy was sick… HE HAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS FOR GOD SAKES!!!!!

  2. Magnotta is irrelevant. I am not afraid, and would still not give away my rights if I were.

    Canadians are not that weak.

    We are all built on privacy! Sharing your opinions and thoughts and SECRETS is YOUR choice. Striping away privacy is like rape. It’s a gross violation. It’s breaking and entering and looking through your underwear drawer.

    “Get a warrant” isn’t even a strong enough sentiment for how inappropriate all of this is. This is an attack on democracy, but “democracy” is a sad little abstraction. To put this in perspective, this will make you afraid of your own words. You will be on trial, without cause, only it’s not a bad dream. It’s your life. You might as well be dead. Fuck off Toews.

    To make matters worse, no one’s talking about the horror it creates for existing technology, would-be innovators, and “ISPs” (which is every online service in Canada, for as long as they can afford to stay here), all paid for at gunpoint (taxes are the law you know) by YOU. Are we having fun yet?