If Bell-Astral Operated in the United States…


If Bell-Astral Operated in the United States…

Embedded below is a graphical look at what a Bell-Astral combined entity might look like in the United States (courtesy of Telus). The level of media concentration is remarkable, cutting across all sectors in a way that no one does in the U.S.


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  1. They forgot to mention that they also own a quarter of the New York Yankees, and a crummy basketball team.

  2. Devil's Advocate says:

    BCE under investigation for anti-competitve behaviour already…
    Bell may have to face Competition Bureau first, anyway.


  3. Silver linings …
    As I refuse to purchase Bell, MPAA, RIAA, CRIA properties because of their anti-consumer practices, I am limited to enjoying all the wonderful independent artists I have discovered and now support 😀

  4. Sanguine Summer thoughts …
    What I have been saying for years … now in easy to understand comic-book format 😀


  5. Un-Trusted Computing says:

    Love the graphic
    Reminiscent of the “Telco-ADSL” graphic, but illustrates the point brilliantly.