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Conservative Chair of International Trade Committee: TPP is Doha-Lite

Rob Merrifield, a Conservative MP and Chair of the Standing Committee on International Trade, has expressed doubts about the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Merrifield told iPolitics (sub req) that Canada was unlikely to join the negotiations before the end of the year and likened to talks to the failed WTO Doha round stating “It’s kind of like Doha-lite. And you know where Doha went.”

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  1. margaret beresford says:

    How much power can Canadians expect from the constitution and legal policies to be useful in countering the negative effects of the bilateral trade agreements CETA and TPP? Can boycotting or selective tax protesting be an offsetting factor to these sovereignty busting agreements?

  2. Not sure that those routes are the best paths to achieving those goals…?

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