Google Faces Canadian Gmail Lawsuit Over Email Scanning

A B.C. man has filed a lawsuit against Google over the scanning of emails sent to Gmail users. Similar lawsuits have been filed in the U.S., though experts are skeptical about whether automated scanning amounts to a privacy violation.

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  1. A waste of time by a gold digger
    I guess this “B.C. Man” – Wayne Plimmer – doesn’t hold any software patents so he’s launching another frivolous lawsuit.

    Plimmer doesn’t even use GMail!!! It’s like if I dropped a letter off at your house (Gmail) and your secretary (Google) opened the letter – without reading it, just checking if it was bill or what. Then I sue YOUR SECRETARY for violating MY privacy.

    This lawsuit is such a joke it would be funny if our taxes weren’t paying for the court! I hope they make him pay the costs when he looses!!!

  2. Schutzter, are you serious?
    Are you that ignorant or do you just not give a damn about any rights or privacy laws whatsoever?

  3. This is no different from any spam filter
    He may as well sue every spam filtering company in the world, too. His emails are being opened and scanned by them as well.

  4. Such circumstances – spam-checking in particular – are certainly legitimate grounds for scanning. Most of us find a benefit to the screening-ware for that reason.

  5. Eric Wilson says:

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    I think this is not the right formula by Google to scan emails. This should be avoid because of personal privacy law. is a perfect mail scanning service provider throughout UK.