Government Study Finds CETA Drug Patent Reforms Would Cost Canadians Billions

The Canadian Press reports that an internal study by Industry Canada and Health Canada estimates that EU patent demands as part of the Canada – EU Trade Agreement could increase Canadian health care costs by up to $2 billion per year. The drug patent issue is viewed as a key roadblock in the CETA negotiations with the Canadian government holding off taking a position until ministers meet in November.

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  1. Hrm, the BC government….
    …had no problem dumping $2billion a year on BC’ers alone with the HST.

    Let’s tell the feds the same as we did the BC govt. – SHOVE IT!

  2. Be careful here!
    Be careful that in a letter sent by many or all of the provincial Premiers, all they were interested in was offloading the cost from their province to the federal government.

    Does it really matter what colour the tax return form is that is actually making you pay for this increase?