CMEC Releases New Version of Copyright Matters!

The third edition of Copyright Matters!, a copyright guideline document for the Canadian education community backed by government ministers of education, school boards, and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, has been released. This edition accounts for recent court and legislative changes, offering guidance that is far more consistent with the law than the earlier editions. Indeed, the fair dealing guidelines provide further confirmation of the widespread agreement throughout the Canadian education sector on the implications of the Supreme Court of Canada copyright decisions and make it increasingly difficult to justify payments under the Access Copyright licence.


  1. What about public domain and CC work
    The document focus only on copyright and not much is mentioned about the other form of art that are Public Domain and any licence that is from Creative Common, GNU or other open work. That is very bad that this aspect isn’t covered.

  2. Alta MacFie says:

    I am looking for more clarification on what is permissible for school librarians. For example, Copyright Matters talks about permission to copy for cataloguing purposes. Under what circumstances?

  3. Principal
    I am seeking clarification as to whether or not a school needs to pay for a license in order to show a movie in the classroom.