Federal Librarians Muzzled Under New Code of Conduct

The National Post has a disturbing story on a new code of conduct at Library and Archives Canada, which appears to muzzle librarians, going so far as to describe teaching or speaking at conferences as “high risk”.


  1. David Collier-Brown says:

    Do I detect “fear of librarians?”
    They’re normally not a great danger to a government, unless you’re in a novel named “1984”


  2. Uncle Wiggily says:

    What does “LAC” stand for?
    OMG – what if they clamour for more fair dealing, more open access, and less TPM? It’s beginning to look like “LAC” stands for “Less Access for Canadians”.

  3. Harper is a control freak. This latest attack on a Canadian insitution is not surprising, but it is disturbing. Notice how this and other announcements now follow a similar pattern, that everything is for the “good of the goverment” (meaning Harper), not Canada, not Canadians.

  4. Disturbing, Indeed!
    This does not serve the short-, medium- or long-term interests of the Crown!

  5. ninadooper says:

    They’re normally not a great danger to a government
    registry cleaner

  6. Curious
    The PBO falls under this category – is this a long way around to muzzle Kevin Page’s successors?

  7. Are you kidding me? Personal time is PERSONAL! What next? Telling us what we are allowed to dream or think? This”Government” does not understand that they work for us, they do not own us. It is amazing to me just when I think they can’t do anything more stupid or ridiculous than the last thing, they come up with something else. I sincerely hope that the voters smarten up and look at the truth and not the propaganda next time around, or who knows what we will be left with in the formerly free country.