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Anti-Counterfeiting ACTA Bill Referred to Industry Committee

Bill C-56, the anti-counterfeiting bill that opens the door the Canadian implementation of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, has been referred to the Industry Committee for review. The government imposed time allocation on the bill to move it to committee. The debate on the bill yesterday suggested that all parties support the premise of the legislation, but the opposition wants further study and potential amendments. Perhaps most troubling was the intervention of the Liberal party, who are seeking to extend the bill to seizures of in-transit shipments. In Europe, in-transit shipment seizure provisions have led to seizures of generic pharmaceuticals, creating a major access-to-medicines concern.


  1. Business owner
    So… How does a small business (the backbone of commerce in Canada), get a government approval or document that states the products we export or import come from legitimate licensed sources?
    Or is everything that’s shipped no matter the item or client suspect?

  2. Phillius Thomas says:

    That is some nice looking printing from Calgary. Good luck sir.

  3. wayne johnson says:

    acta bill
    its seems to me that these governments are going to create enviorment of secerecy and corruption and they are trying to destroy the middle class
    I think its time to stand up for our rights what will happen here is that these governments if they get away with this then we wont have anywhere to complain they want to take control of everything if they control the internet