Canadian Secrecy on the TPP

CBC’s Curt Petrovich reports on how Canada is among the most secretive of the Trans Pacific Partnership countries, refusing to answer basic questions on a recent negotiation session quietly conducted in Vancouver.

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  1. Dwight Williams says:

    The question one asks is this:
    How, exactly, does this conduct on the part of my government protect my interests as a Canadian citizen AND as both creator and consumer of intellectual property-derived products?

  2. Ken Shimada says:

    Japan’s Abe Cabinet also secretive
    Japan is expected to officially join the TPP negotiation on July 23, 2013 in Malaysia despite the Abe Cabinet has not disclosed any details of the consulting sessions with other negotiating members as well as the original members in the name of P4. Food safety, IPR, medical insurance and ISD clauses are the big concerns among Japanese citizens.