Proposed U.S. Ambassador to Canada Pledges More Pressure on Intellectual Property

During the years of debate over Canadian copyright reform, I frequently argued that caving to U.S. demands on issues such as digital locks would not relieve the pressure but rather invite more of the same. While Canada has done much of what the U.S. has asked – digital locks, anti-counterfeiting legislation, and patent reforms coming from CETA – the reality is that the list of demands never really ends. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that Bruce Heyman, the nominee to be the next U.S. Ambassador to Canada, has promised to increase pressure on Canada for more intellectual property reform.

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  1. FightingBack says:

    just do more articles about edward snowden here
    if you want the public on your side mike….just do a suite a rticles on edward snowdena nd the nsa spying how the federal govt and the us govt are using each other to spy on each legally to gain illegal knowledge…and the legal ends.

  2. But the US doesn’t get involved….
    At a recent press briefing, Jan Psaki, spokesperson for the United States Department of State, said in response to a question about recently-restored anti-gay laws in India, that the US does not pressure countries about their own laws.

    Someone may want to tell the Ambassador-to-be.

  3. FightingBack says:

    buy from EU
    cant wait for EU trade deal to kick in….anything that you had to get american DUMP IT for EU goods….

    the less money Americans have the better.

  4. I Am So Fed Up With Those Americans on I.P.
    When they should really be applying pressure to the true rogue states on intellectual property, China and the Austral-Asian island countries instead of bullying their friends simply because they know our politicians are the biggest tuck-tailing-cowards in the world!

  5. It’s now official, and not without a blurb on intellectual property policy laundering…

    “In response to a question about intellectual property, however, he did promise to push for tougher laws in Canada. He called American ingenuity the “special sauce” in the country’s economy and pledged to take up concerns, common among U.S. policy-makers, that Canada’s regulatory environment and court system are too lax in punishing copyright infringement.”

    Sounds like our current system and laws are too fair, “Time to get to work!”, indeed.

    Do you really trust what a former Goldman Sachs alumni has to say?
    His only qualification to land him this job was being one of Obama’s largest campaign fundraisers…
    As well as only being involved in the decimation of the economy, costing the public billions of dollars….

    Nothing to see here folks, move along…

  6. Let’s hear it for the good ole…
    Yankee Go Home!

    Want to have a laugh? The government of Nova Scotia is paying $300,000 to some ass-sitters because their grampy (you guessed it, dead for more than 4 decades) once designed a famous ship, The Bluenose (launched in 1921), and they had the audacity to go ahead and build a replica.

    While the Rest of the World is going to overhaul copyright to bring it into today’s real, where everyone is or can be a creator, a publisher, a distributor of any and all works, leading to a New Age of Wonderful Creativity, the US is going to sink back into a Dark Age of Non-culture. Which isn’t fine, as the US electoral system is even worse than ours, so you can’t say that the voters are getting what they deserve.

    But copyright-MAFIAAoso can stay within their own national borders, spending their time hunting for unauthorised public performances of “Happy Birthday To You” and having those thieves arrested.

  7. What Goldman, Chicago? What happened? did he get lost on the way to the office?. Managing director of private wealth management – Chicago. I think we have a “salesman” here. Not like he was personally rigging commodities, markets from Chicago… Oh wait a minute, bad example.

    Anyway, what is he going to say. He got asked a question, he isn’t going to say he wants to loosen copyright. As long as these guys aren’t returning calls on Keystone, give them a list of the free diners and ignore them.