Technology and the TPP: A Panel Discussion

Last month, the University of Ottawa hosted a standing room only panel on technology and the TPP featuring Burcu Kilic, Carolina Rossini, Jeremy deBeer, Tamir Israel and myself. The panel was moderated by Loris Mirella, the lead IP negotiator on the TPP for the Canadian government. A full video of the event is posted below.

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  1. For future consideration, a few constructive suggestions re the video coverage —

    1/ If panel members agree, provide links in the introductory text to the video to bio/CV/publication info, and/or website URL — at a minimum.
    2/ When panelist is on screen, if possible, show script of person’s name and position for beginning 10-20 seconds for each primary on-screen appearance
    3/ Audio engineering quality was uneven especially when people from the audience were speaking.
    4/ A second camera to capture audience questions and occasional reactions would have been a plus.
    5/ Individuals asking questions might have been asked to give their names and, if relevant, positions

  2. Thanks for posting this! I do really hope that there are follow up sessions that can explore more. In my case, I would want to know if the implementation phase may give Canada room to balance user rights, and in particular, protect fair use exemptions.

  3. Kenneth Montgomery says:

    On the Throne of a tortoiseshell, in a slowly moving carriage, DELAY was crossing the prairies of time to the Palace of opportunity.

    We must DELAY ratification of TPP until such time and provisions make exception for the grant of safe-harbour and protections for EVERY Canadian citizens intellectual property rights (digital or otherwise).

    Under the auspice and direction of a “Ministry of ICT” yet to be named, a new Governmental Department verifying the integrity of Canada’s Industrial and Intellectual assets, are so called and utilized for Canada’s benefit and future prosperity.

    This is a call for the creation of this new Governmental Department of ICT to bridge the gap between Government and Citizen.

  4. To anyone on the panel,
    you guys and gals seem to be very happy, jovial, people, even when discussing issues that probably make some people angry and/or bitter. So how do you prevent yourselves from becoming angry or bitter while working in your fields? This concern is something that is worrying me when I think of moving my career to work in similar areas.


  5. Having casually looked at the posted TPP, it’s more than obvious that rather than a consensus agreement on a comprehensive set of trade rules, it is a consensus agreement on a set of trade rules compromised by thousands of side agreements and exceptions to them, pretty obviously indicating that any country that stood tough on anything got its way, and in the final signing got the imprimatur of the other signatories for all its special arrangements.

    Since the USA – the main reason anybody is interested in this thing – is likely going to pussyfoot around until the next President takes over, I’d suggest it ain’t over until the fat economy sings, and Canada ought to be considering whether it really has all it should have from the agreement.

  6. Cool! .Expecting to have follow up sessions that can explore more.