The App Store by Glen Bledsoe (CC BY 2.0)

The App Store by Glen Bledsoe (CC BY 2.0)


Not Just User Generated Content: Liberal Government Also Want the CRTC to Regulate Apps Under Bill C-10

Earlier tonight, I posted on the government’s attack on freedom of expression with its astonishing plans to regulate all user generated content posted to sites such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. But the danger doesn’t stop there. For months, the government insisted that it was not going to regulate video games as part of Bill C-10.  In fact, Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault told the House of Commons:

Bear in mind that we are imposing a number of guardrails. As I said earlier, user-generated content, news content and video games would not be subject to the new regulations.

It turns out none of this is accurate. I’ve blogged about how news is caught by the legislation and the Heritage committee just eliminated the guardrail on user generated content. Now it appears that the government plans to introduce a motion to bring apps under the scope of CRTC regulation.

During today’s hearing, Liberal MP Marci Ien inadvertently let slip that the government will be introducing a motion to regulate apps. Speaking about the wrong amendment (which is presumably forthcoming at the next meeting), Ien stated:

Yes, a new clause, Mr. Chair, because we live in a new world and it is a digital one. This clause is adding apps. Right now, the CRTC can regulate conventional channels. This would make sure that apps are regulated as well. Things like Crave and other apps. This clause is also about discoverability and for more on that I’d like to go to the department for why that’s important.

The department gently responded that Ian was talking about the wrong amendment.

However, in letting it slip that the government now wants the CRTC to regulate apps, the scope of Bill C-10 expands even further by potentially covering hundreds of thousands of apps that include audio or video that might qualify under the definition of programs. The previous assurances that video games are off the table is apparently gone with plans to have the CRTC regulate practically anything digital including user generated content and apps.

At this stage, it is impossible to trust the government on almost any claim related to Bill C-10, which has been the subject of a barrage of misleading claims and now expansive regulatory plans to have the CRTC regulate all things digital. I repeat: Bill C-10 must be defeated.


  1. Cheryl Turner says:

    At all costs NO!!

  2. Sadly, the government is going to pass exactly what they want as the liberals, NDP and Green consistently try to ‘out Marxist’ the other. This is a perfect virtue signal to the vocal, mob rule masses of hyper left posers and clingers. Conservative values are dead, not because they are , but because the conservative, or traditional Canadians are too damn apathetic, fearful and law-abiding. to stand up and fight back. Those that do stand up and tossed under the bus immediately by the center and right because they lack any backbone. This is just getting started, Canada will be a model for China to emulate in the next 4-5 years and we only have ourselves, apathetic, fearful Canadians to blame for it, your children will be living in a police state and you will have done nothing to stop it.

    • I’ve seen comments on news articles which advocate that conservative voters be disenfranchised simply for their views, it has gotten so bad. I see, in the future, a swing back to the right happening; it won’t be a correction, as that implies it would stop somewhere in the middle, but rather a swing significantly to the right. The identity politics that is occurring right now (race, gender, sexual orientation, and spot on the political spectrum) is almost guaranteeing it as a reaction.

      However, let’s not forget that the NDP in particular doesn’t have the funds right now for an election; as I understand it in order to run the last campaign they had to mortgage the party headquarters. They’ve not done well fundraising under the current leader. This basically emboldens the PM to declare some bills as a confidence motion even if it shouldn’t be.

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  5. Trudeau has betrayed his promise to protect net neutrality with this fascist regulation or the internet, of which the government does not own.

  6. Hi thanks for the helpful information shared. the article is really very helpful.

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