COVID-19 Vaccine Record Card by NIAID (CC BY 2.0)

COVID-19 Vaccine Record Card by NIAID (CC BY 2.0)


The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 102: Colleen Flood on the Legal, Ethical and Policy Implications of Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passports or certificates launched in Ontario last week, a development welcomed by some and strongly opposed by others. The launch raises a myriad of legal, ethical, privacy, and policy issues as jurisdictions around the world grapple with the continued global pandemic and the unusual requirements of demonstrating vaccination in order to enter some public or private spaces.

Professor Colleen Flood, a colleague at the University of Ottawa, has been writing and thinking about these issues for many months. Later today, she will be part of a panel discussion that explores the policy challenges hosted by the University of Ottawa Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, and the Centre for Law, Technology and Society. She joins the Law Bytes podcast with an advance preview as we discuss the legal balancing act, models from around the world, and the concerns that governments should be thinking about in this next stage of dealing with COVID-19.

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Show Notes:

Vaccine Passports/Certificates: Law, Ethics & Policy

Wilson & Flood, Implementing Digital Passports for SARS-CoV-2 Immunization in Canada
Flood, Krishnamurthy, Wilson, Please Show Your Vaccination Certificate


CityNews, Day One of Ontario’s Vaccine Passport


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  2. You can say “NO” at zero injections or you can say “NO” at 3, 4, 5 and the result is the same. When you REFUSE you lose all your PRIVILEGES because you have no rights. You gave them away when you agreed to the “vaccine passport”.

    In Israel the vaccine passport is only good for 6 months from your last injection.

    Israel just took away privileges from 1.5 million people for refusing the 3rd injection. They’ve announced the 4th is coming. Lithuania is the same but announcing the 4th & 5th shots.

    The Canadian government has bought 135 million more shots. That’s 3 more for every Canadian plus some extra for spoilage.

    So how many shots are you going to take?