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Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore: The iPadLock Minister?

Appeared in the Hill Times on April 26, 2010 as Moore: More Like iPadlock and Less Like iPod Minister Since his appointment as Canadian Heritage Minister in 2008, James Moore has carefully crafted an image as "Canada's iPod Minister." Young, bilingual, and tech-savvy, Moore has expressed regular support for the […]

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April 26, 2010 3 comments Columns Archive

The Final Copyright Consultation Numbers: No Repeat Of Bill C-61

The copyright consultation concluded last fall and it seems worth reminding Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore and Industry Minister Tony Clement what Canadians had to say when they asked for their opinion on copyright reform.  It has taken some time to calculate the final numbers as the government conducted a review to ensure that all were properly posted. There were ultimately more than 8,300 submissions – more than any government consultation in recent memory – with the overwhelming majority rejecting Bill C-61 (6138 submissions against, 54 in support), while thousands called for flexible fair dealing and a link between copyright infringement and anti-circumvention rules.

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April 9, 2010 22 comments News

Clement and Moore on C-61, Copyright Reform and Innovation

As Industry Minister Tony Clement and Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore continue to work on a copyright reform package, it is worth reviewing comments from both Ministers over the past year about C-61, copyright reform, and innovation.  The vision presented is that the world has changed since C-61, Canada has flexibility in how it implements digital reforms, and that technology and the Internet should be embraced as a great opportunity.

Clement on C-61 in July 2009 at the Calgary roundtable:

"C-61 doesn't exist anymore, it obviously died with the last Parliament, and if you think that there are other ways that we should frame new legislation, by all means please bring that to our attention as well. Don't feel constrained by the formulation in C-61. James and I are of the view that already some aspects of that Bill are out of date such as the movement of technology."

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April 1, 2010 6 comments News

Study Finds Canadian C-61 Anti-Circumvention Provisions Unconstitutional

A new academic article published in the Journal of Information Law and Technology by Professor Emir Aly Crowne-Mohammed and Yonatan Rozenszajn, both from the University of Windsor, concludes that the anti-circumvention provisions found in Bill C-61 were unconstitutional.  The authors argue that the DRM provisions were "a poorly veiled attempt […]

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October 27, 2009 12 comments News

Angus: C-61 Was “Bulky, Unenforceable, and Ultimately Ridiculous”

NDP Digital Affairs critic Charlie Angus publishes an op-ed on the current copyright consultation and the potential "to get it right."

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July 28, 2009 2 comments News