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Globe and Mail on Copyright’s Web Storm

Mathew Ingram covers the negative publicity being generated over the Canadian DMCA.

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December 10, 2007 Comments are Disabled News

Copyright’s 10K

As many readers of this blog will know, last Saturday night I started a Facebook group called Fair Copyright in Canada. I sent an invitation to 100 or so "Facebook friends" in the hope that some would join and that we could create a useful resource for discussion on the […]

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December 9, 2007 28 comments News

Anti-Canadian DMCA Momentum Begins to Build

The Canadian DMCA may not be introduced until next week (Tuesday is the rumoured day), but many are not waiting until the bill comes to make their views known.  Over the past few days, there has been an incredible amount of action and growing media coverage.  This includes: Letters to […]

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December 6, 2007 13 comments News

The Canadian DMCA: What You Can Do

With the Canadian version of the DMCA likely to be introduced within the next two weeks, there has a remarkable outpouring of interest from individual Canadians about what they can do to have their concerns heard.  The unfortunate reality is that there is nothing can be done about what the bill will look like when it is introduced – Industry Minister Jim Prentice has simply decided discard consumer, education, research, and privacy interests, ignore his own party's policy platform, and the cave into U.S. pressure.  Once the bill is introduced, however, Canadians can send a message to their MPs, the Ministers, and others, calling for a fair copyright bill that addresses Canadian concerns (those in Calgary can do so in person on December 8th as Prentice hosts an open house).

Many people have pointed to the my 30 Things You Can Do posting.  I've decided to update the posting – and create a short YouTube video – to better reflect the current situation.  I've also launched a Facebook group called Fair Copyright.  The next 60 days are absolutely crucial.  If Canadians speak out in large numbers, the government may rethink its current strategy of fast-tracking the Canadian DMCA.

What can you do?

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December 2, 2007 57 comments News, Video

The Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook Group

With a copyright bill only days away, this weekend I launched a new Facebook group focused on raising awareness of the proposed changes and identifying opportunities for Canadians to have their voice heard.  The reaction has been remarkable as hundreds of people have joined the group in less than 24 […]

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December 2, 2007 5 comments News