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CRTC to Delegate Do-Not-Call List Enforcement

The CRTC announced yesterday that it plans to delegate enforcement of the do-not-call list. The Commission previously delegated the maintenance of the list itself to Bell Canada.


  1. Farrell J. McGovern says:


  2. Mark Goldberg says:

    Another gun registry in the making
    This story should not imply that Bell will be the group chosen to enforce the DNCL. That RFP hasn’t been released. The bigger story is that the enforcer will have every incentive to try to collect $100 registration fees from the parents of every kid who sells cookies or car washes by phone, every doctor / dentist who reminds patients of appointments, everyone who calls to invite members to come to the church bingo. Under the CRTC guidelines that require registration for all callers (even those making solely exempt calls), it is all telemarketing. See my site [ link ] for a description of how this will serve to ship jobs out of Canada, while criminalizing the girl guide cookie annual sale.

  3. Dwight Williams says:

    Seems an apropos choice of title, given the topic and my reaction to it. If I wish to continue to be viewed as polite and civilized and at the same time utterly offended by this prospect.

  4. Stop calling me!
    Sorry Mark, but I don\’t want *anyone* calling to sell me anything! No bake sales, no car washes, no vacations in Collingwood, no nothing. Telemarketing is a blight on our society, and if this helps keep it in check then that\’s fine.

    That said, I have *never* got a call from Girl Guides about cookie sales. I do, however, receive hundreds — hundreds!! — of police union events, fake \”winning contest\” calls, vacations in Collingwood, automated messages that hang up unless they go to voicemail, and all-around aggressive cold-calling. It just keeps coming.

    We need to find a reliable way of reducing/stopping phone solicitation. If you\’ve got some good suggestions, please let us know.

  5. Sorry Mark, but you either have an agenda or are an idiot. Like Dave I have never received a call about girl guide cookies, but the calls especially from Collingwood are daily and at obscene hours (10:00 PM and later). I have had calls on days when there was a death in the family, days when I was sick and confined to bed and these ignorant asses just don’t give a damn. Some even go to the extent of harassing with constant calls and hang-ups because I hung up on them.I was of the opinion that,by law,all telemarketers were to start their spiel by identifying themselves and giving a return phone number. This never happens. Furthermore most of these telemarketing firms are already based in places like India and Pakistan. If having my privacy and peace of mind is going to cause someone else their job, which is to deprive me of both, then so be it.

  6. In Kitchenerf
    That’s great – have Bell in charge of things – at least once a week I get a call from them asking me if I’m “happy with my service” and “I notice you do not have ExpressVu” and so on” would I like to change now. It doesn’t matter what time of day either. Like I have an alternative – they’re all the same – different crooks with the same guns. How would you like to be held up to sir. I really like it when you have to say hello 3 times before they come on the line….but I don’t do that anymore. What I want to know is when is this service going to happen because I want to be at the front of the line. Enough is enough – you’ve abused your telephone rights – now get off the line – if someone loses a job – I’m sure they can get some other minimum wage job somewhere else.

  7. retired
    I too am fed up with telemarketers. I bought call screen from Bell, unfortunately it only blocks 12 numbers. There are many more than that that call here. I need a list that holds about 30 numbers. When this call block service comes in, I want to also be at the front of the line. For now I just let the calls go to voice mail, then call back any important ones. I have call display on all the phones so I know who’s a friend. It’s a shame we have to spend $10 a month to outsmart nuisance calls.

  8. The phone spam has truly gotten out of hand in the last year. My solution was to switch over to VOIP where all incoming callers get a message and have to dial an extension to make my actual phone ring. So far it’s eliminated all telemarketing calls.

  9. troy schlaht says:

    phone spam on ablerta centrex
    yes im glad that crtc is helping work on an do-not call regisery ,but i would like to see the phone companyies take a more roll in trying to stop telemarketing calls plus private calls on the phone companyies centrex phone system central office excange ,like try to implament an telemarking stop option it’s avaiable on most regular business lines and res lines but not on the centrex service thier are no options depending on the phone companyies, or stop a incomming control over private calls they are not looking into it hard enough to find out what they could do to help thier customers on that service, im an telecommunication consulatant i tryed as well to get they implamented on the phone companyies centrex side they have nothing as of yet, still waiting still nothing it’s time for change and more updated for all centrex customers with all phone companyies within alberta canada they must take an open role in this great service.the crtc should look into this and investagate this more and how to control theses concerns on alberta canada’s centrex service as well with the phone companyies doing the same. i get lots of telemarking calls and have no or little control over it on my service that includeds private calls. hope thier is an objective on dealing with this matter.