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Bell Hit With Theft of Data on 3.4 Million Customers

Bell Canada has disclosed that it recovered data on 3.4 million customers after the information was stolen four weeks ago.  Montreal police have arrested one person.


  1. Toews
    And how do we know that there isn’t a copy somewhere? I don’t see how Bell can be so confident that they have “retrieved” the data. It’s not like it’s physical property.

  2. Senior
    I can post a link to said stolen Bell Canada data available on torrent, but it is out there.

  3. ‘No indication data used improperly,’ Bell says

    That is a quote from Bell

    I am one of the approx. 170,000 people with an unlisted or unpublished phone number. I have received more telemarketing calls this week than I have in the past 2 years at this number. And funny that now when they call they ask for me by name. How can Bell say that the data has not been used improperly?

  4. Maybe I missed the news article, but this is the first time I have heard that this info went missing. Why wasn’t there a larger “noise” made about this? Aren’t we living in an age when this type privacy & identity theft front page news? I honestly feel for Bell, understanding that they have a corporate image to uphold, but seriously, in my book, full disclosure would go a long way to ease the paranoia that some of us have about this issue!!

  5. Times have changed
    Noise about identy theft? People talk about this all the time, however individual situations on this scale are now so common that they are barely news anymore. It is not easy to achieve a high enough level of security to protect the individual. With managers, politicians, and other non computer science types involved, it is probably not even possible. If organizations are going to use computers we probably shouldn’t expect them to protect our personal information. Maybe we will have a computer savvy society in the future, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, because young people are even less interested in computer science than the previous generation and CS enrollment is down everywhere.

  6. mr
    link for torrent please