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Tech Law Column in the Vancouver Sun

I am delighted to report that the Vancouver Sun, the largest paper in Vancouver, has picked up my weekly law and technology column.  The column will run in the business section each Tuesday.


  1. Really?
    That’s very surprising! The Sun has a really bad problem of being biased for the right. Good luck with them.

  2. grunt
    blast. I asked for you at
    NOW you’ve moved to the sun.

    is this a copyright issue?

    property… intellectual, contract, reaL ETC…
    is all the us has left.. resourses, population, etc.

    gonna be tough to cut that life-line.. even as they try
    to extend it.

    so how’s big Momma S’mother gonna hit you when mentioning even a name is a copyright violation? (rock star parodies takedown)