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IP Watch on NGO Meeting on ACTA

IP Watch reports on the NGO meeting on ACTA held in Geneva, Switzerland earlier this week.  My talks at the event should be posted shortly.

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  1. TIMU OPELE says:


    INTRODUCTION: Bemefe Ayilo foundation and Cultural Troup was established and registered in Accra, Ghana in 2009.
    However the focus of it’s activities is in Salaga in the deep north of Ghana. This area or community is an extremely deprived area without the luxury of good infrastructure and educational facilities.
    The world has become a global village and there is the temptation of our teening youth abondoning their Cultural heritage. Hence the motivation to establish this Cultural Troup to inculcate our Cultural and Traditional heritage into the youth. This we achieve through drumming and dancing.I WILL LIKE TO NGO Meeting In ACTA CANADA SO THAT WE CAN HAVE TALKS HOW TO DELVELPIMET IN MY VILLEGA.
    Secondly, as already noted above we come from an extremly deprived or disadvantaged part of Ghana where opportunities for economic and educational advancement are far less and sometimes non-existent compared to the south. As a result a great deal of our northern youth abandon the north to the south for such opportunities.
    This is one of the issues that this foundation is keen to arrest. We exist to raise the necessary funds to help improve upon the deplorable conditions that exist in our communities and by so doing halt this North-South migration .
    In conclusion we provide our various contact address below;

    Phone Nos. 00233-(0)24-305-8542
    Post office box M77, Accra, Ghana
    Thank you.
    Opele Timu.