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Canadian Networks Focus on CRIA Decision

CBC and CTV, two of Canada’s leading television networks, both provide prominent coverage of the federal court decision involving file sharing. Professor Geist comments in both stories. see: CBC – Online Music File Sharing Legal: Judge also see: CTV – Music Industry Loses in Downloading Case

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March 31, 2004 Comments are Disabled Video

Federal Court Denies CRIA Motion

Professor Geist comments on CNET and Canadian Press on the stunning Federal Court of Canada decision involving CRIA's request to compel ISPs to disclose the identities of their subscribers. The court denied the motion, ruling that CRIA failed to present the prima facie case needed to warrant disclosure. The court […]

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March 31, 2004 Comments are Disabled News

Rapporteur – Undercovered Issues that could Require Collective Governance

UN ICT Task Force Internet Governance Workshop link

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March 25, 2004 Comments are Disabled Conferences

Canada’s Copyright Revolution

Professor Geist's regular Toronto Star Law Bytes column (Toronto Star version, HTML backup article, homepage version) examines the recent Canadian Supreme Court LSUC v. CCH copyright decision. The column argues that the case instantly ranks as one of the strongest pro-user rights decisions from any high court in the world, […]

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March 22, 2004 Comments are Disabled Columns

Low-tech case has high-tech impact

While the public's attention has been focused this month on the Canadian Recording Industry Association's lawsuit against 29 unnamed file sharers and the related issue of whether Internet service providers should be compelled to disclose the file sharers' identities, Canadian copyright law was hit recently with a decision of far […]

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