Canadian Culture and Ownership

No one does a better job of separating Canadian culture fact from fiction than the Globe and Mail’s Kate Taylor. Last week I pointed to her column on the state of Canadian television.

This week her column is again a must-read. She examines the impact of the Famous Players theatre chain takeover by Cineplex Galaxy. The takeover will give Cineplex 63 percent of the Canadian market. While the head of Cineplex Odeon argues that the takover is a "cultural coup" that will benefit Canadian films, Taylor notes that this will only happen if the company starts reserving some screens for Canadian movies and providing those movies with better marketing by including them in the advance previews.

As Taylor wryly states "building its Canadian business is not some abstract question of cultural sovereignty but rather the concrete issue of offering real consumer choice. The current system doesn’t do that: Will that be Batman or Star Wars with your Rosebuds, madame?"

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