Music Industry Puts Canada on Special Focus List

Having been criticized by the United States Trade Representative for our copyright policies, Canada is now two for two. The International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI), the global music industry association, has placed Canada on a special focus list.

"There is a special focus on Canada because of the government's inaction on copyright reform, and, in particular, its failure to ratify and implement the WIPO Internet Treaties that would afford protection to copyrighted works in the digital environment."

The IFPI report then misleadingly suggests, based on an opinion survey, that there have been 1.6 billion downloads per year that "do not earn royalties for artists." While I don't know how many downloads occur each year in Canada, I do know that over the past five years the private copying levy has in fact generated more than $120 million for the artists and music labels.

One Comment

  1. Techie
    Think i realy give a rats ass what WIPO thinks or the US.
    WIPO = Puppet of US
    not to hard to think about.
    Pay the artists care for them support them but not on US or WIPO terms.