In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law

I am delighted to announce an exciting book project that will launch in several weeks.  In response to Bill C-60, a large group of Canadian academics have come together to produce to a peer-reviewed book on copyright law in Canada.  Irwin Law will publish the 608-page In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law next month.  I served as the book' s editor and contributed the introduction as well as a chapter on anti-circumvention legislation and competition policy.

The book will be available in hard copy and, in a first for a Canadian legal text, made available for download under a Creative Commons license. It contains 19 essays that provide context for copyright reform in Canada, detailed analysis of Bill C-60, and discussions about what was omitted from this round of reform.  The contributors are leaders in copyright and IP policy representing ten universities from coast to coast.  I' ll have much more to say about the book, which I hope will serve as an important resource during the upcoming hearings on Bill C-60, in the coming weeks.

Update: Several people have written to ask whether downloads of In the Public Interest will be free.  Yes, Irwin Law will make all 19 essays available for free download under CC license.


  1. says:

    Creative Commons free?
    Am I correct to assume that the Creative Commons version is a free download?

  2. Joel Guralnick says:

    I have pre-ordered my copy – this looks like an extremely valuable addition to the dialogue on copyright reform in Canada.