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CML 3316 – Technology Law Internship (3 Credits)

  Prerequisite(s): Technology Law course (including any Intellectual Property or Internet law course)

Teaching Method: Internship

Method of Evaluation: Satisfactory / Non-Satisfactory

Course Objective(s): This course provides students with the opportunity to spend one day per week in a technology law environment. Through readings, observation, and work assignments, students will gain insight into daily practice and policy issues for lawyers working in the technology law field. Work will be completed under the direction of a supervising attorney and may include research projects as well as day-to-day contributions. Students will be required to maintain a log of their experience and submit it to Professor Geist along with any major research projects completed during the semester (subject to confidentiality restrictions). Students will receive a pass/fail grade at the end of the course based on the comments of their placement supervisor and the quality of the work submitted. Applicants must have completed at least one technology law course (including any Intellectual Property or Internet law course) prior to enrolment. To be considered for an internship, the following should be submitted to Professor Geist via hard copy or e-mail (

  • Statement outlining technology law interest and experience
  • Curriculum vitae including e-mail contact information
  • Law School transcript

    Please see course selection guide for application deadlines and placement possibilities.

    Maximum Enrolment:15

    Schedule: To be determined

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