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Regulation of Internet Commerce CML 3358 (3 Credits)

Prerequisite(s): None

Teaching Method: Lecture, discussion, online forum

Method of Evaluation: 100% final, 48 hour take-home exam

Course Objective(s): The emergence of the Internet as an im portant medium for commerce presents an array of new problems and opportunities for businesses, lawyers and government regulators. This course will consider the legal challenges presented by the Internet in incorporating traditional legal doctrine to the online business world.

The course will examine the following issues:

  • An introduction to the Internet including a review of the technology that underlies the Internet as well as an assessment of the power of government to regulate Internet economic activity with an emphasis on jurisdictional issues.
  • Intellectual property issues including digital copyright and domain name trademark disputes.
  • Commercial contracting including online contracts, shrinkwrap licensing, and digital signatures.
  • The issues raises by the online sale of goods and services including consumer protection, privacy, securities regulation and taxation.
  • Domain name and Internet governance.

    Students need not possess an extensive computer background in order to participate in the course.

    Maximum Enrolment: 60

    Schedule: Tuesday, 13:00 to 16:00


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