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CRTC Denies Hate Site Request

The CRTC has issued a quick decision on the Warman request to allow Canadian ISPs to block access to two U.S. based hate sites.  The Commission denied the application, basing its decision primarily on the fact that other parties (the carriers, the sites) were not provided with notice and the […]

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30 Days of DRM – Day 07: DRM-Free Library Deposits (Public Protection)

Legal deposit, first established in France in 1587, is a commonly used to preserve national heritage by mandating the collection of all published works.  The National Library administered legal deposit in Canada from 1953 until 2004, when responsibility was assumed by the Library and Archives Canada.  The LAC describes the […]

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The NY Times features an article on LibriVox, a project that brings together volunteers to create audiobook versions of books in the public domain.  The project is the brainchild of Hugh McGuire from Montreal.

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The Swiss Take on DRM

Canada is not alone in dealing with DRM.  Urs Gasser has an interesting post on a current Swiss anti-circumvention legislative proposal which covers some of the same issues I'm tackling with 30 Days of DRM.

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