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Telus DCR Letter

Telus DCR Letter Telus DCR Letter.pdf

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August 15, 2006 Comments are Disabled General

Telus Joins Call for Fair Use

While things have been publicly quiet on the copyright reform front this summer, indications are that the government has been busy, with a copyright bill likely to be introduced this fall.  One important voice that has come forward is Telus, Canada’s second largest telecommunications company.  In a letter to Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda, the company outlines its top priorities for copyright reform.

Leading the way is fair use, with Telus calling for a "living" fair use model that would expand upon the current fair dealing user right.  In particular, Telus states that:

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Access Copyright’s Statement on Captain Copyright

Access Copyright has posted a detailed statement on the Captain Copyright controversy. It claims that it always intended to provide a balanced perspective on copyright.  To that end, it says it is working with copyright experts and educators to review the current materials and to create new lessons on issues such as the public domain, fair dealing, and Creative Commons.  It also claims that its linking policy was misunderstood – its now says it was about protecting kids from inappropriate content – and that it being redrafted.  The statement concludes by saying that the site will be relaunched later this year and invites the Canadian Library Association, which has condemned the site, to work with them.

While a cynic might suggest that the change is attitude is due primarily to the growing number of schools that dropped links to Captain Copyright, to its desire for government funding, and to the public bashing from the CLA, it is good to see that Access Copyright is committed to making changes.   However, three small points in response to the statement.

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Canadian Internet Use Survey 2005

Statistics Canada  has released the 2005 Canadian Internet Use Survey.  Of particular interest is the data on why Canadians go online with email, general surfing, information search, banking, health information, weather, bill payment, and government info all cited by 50 percent or more of respondents.  Ranking lower is access to […]

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