Canadian Internet Use Survey 2005

Statistics Canada  has released the 2005 Canadian Internet Use Survey.  Of particular interest is the data on why Canadians go online with email, general surfing, information search, banking, health information, weather, bill payment, and government info all cited by 50 percent or more of respondents.  Ranking lower is access to music, with 37 percent obtaining music, though the survey does not distinguish between fee-based services and private copies on P2P services.  Video was even lower, though I suspect that will change in the coming years.

One Comment

  1. Canucks don’t buy online
    StatsCan reports on 61% of households online and the majority having high-speed access. 3/4’s or 75% (of 61% of households) do not trust the online space – in fact have “strong concerns” about their privacy or security. And, while 57% browse /scan the net for purchase options/opportunities, only 43% (again of 61% of households) ever buy any goods or services there. This is VERY SIGNIFICANT NEWS, i.e. that Canadians as a lot do not TRUST the online space… perhaps this is the root problem, or CRUX of the issue why Canadians do not purchase MUSIC online, or any other entertainment, or ANY ANYTHING in the online space, period. Ergo, if any company or organization envisions marketing their wares to Canadians online, they should invest in the kind of “inner views” research that will assist them in breaking down this seemingly huge (75%) market entry barrier of MISTRUST!