Steven Page on Spiral Frog

Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies provides his perspective on the Spiral Frog announcement on the BNL Blog:

have you heard about SpiralFrog yet? It's Universal Music's attempt to deal with the new world of music, and it seems downright bizarre to me. Basically, they're saying you can have all this music for free, but you can only keep it on your computer and one other device. That kind of maniacal need for control is what will be the death of major labels. If they continue to stop people from listening to music in the way they want it, people will continue to make other choices. I think that labels need to stop the restrictive and manipulative use of DRM, and, frankly, we should legalize P2P, and have it properly licensed from the ISP level (sure, the ISPs will complain, but, let them complain).


  1. D
    Just on the same track of ideas as the comment you’ve posted.
    I’ve found a blog which gives more [url=[ link ]] on the way Spiral Frog is meant to work and if the information displayed is correct, then this service is not meant to have a future nor a present.

  2. spiral frog
    you dumb guy why dont you want there to be spiral frog some pepole cant afford tvs kike my grandfather so if spiral frog come out his family will not be able to enjoy music and movies