CRIA Loses Judicial Review of Copyright Board Decision

The Federal Court of Appeal has rejected a CRIA judicial review request of a Copyright Board decision that required it to notify its (shrinking) list of Class "B" members of its decision to no longer represent them in the CSI online music tariff.


  1. Russel McOrmond says:

    Is the list of members public
    I am wondering where we can find a list of CRIA members, and which class they are in.

  2. Not-A-Lawyer
    Hmm. I read the decision by the Federal Court of Appeal and I’m none the wiser. I read your summary of the event, and I’m none the wiser.

    Please assume that your audience are not well-educated in the nefarious doings of the Canadian Recording Industry Association, and would benefit from a thumbnail sketch of the significance of the news item and a definition of terms, such as ‘shrinking list of class B members’.

    I am getting older, and I count my diminishing days with dismay. As I see they are not limitless, I carefully husband my time on that which is effective and important to me and others I value.

    Please offer the courtesy of giving pertinent facts and getting to the point! I know that in the lawyer’s universe, time is a limitless resource, but here in the human world, it is not.