2006 Canadian Law Blog Awards

Many thanks to Steve Matthews for naming this blog the Best Canadian Law Blog of 2006.  As Steve's list demonstrates, there are many exceptional Canadian law blogs, so it is nice to be included in that company.  The posting also got me thinking of this past year – with Bulte, the Pollara/CRIA survey, Captain Copyright, 30 Days of DRM, and Project Cleanfeed, it was a very active and interesting twelve months.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by, subscribed to the RSS feed, or posted comments.  Best wishes for a great 2007!


  1. your blog is very insightfull and educates canadians with issues that the big companies surely dosent want everyone to know. your insightfull articles educates canadians and permit us to form an opinion and stand up in what we believe in before its to late to voice an opinion your contributions into these matters may prove to have change canadian culture for many years to come

    Thank you for all your work and research you are truely showing everyone how great canadians are.

  2. Martin Laplante says:

    Congratulations and Happy New Year!