PIPEDA Hearings – Day 06 (CIPPIC, PIAC, MRIA)

The PIPEDA hearings continued on Wednesday with CIPPIC, PIAC, and the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association providing their views.  While I was unable to find a student to blog the event, CIPPIC has posted its meeting notes and speaking notes.

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  1. Bell service user says:

    Great points to ponder
    Interesting, read through the cippic notes and I too (as a normal everyday user) sent a request to Bell Canada and then to Bell Canada’s privacy Ombudsman.

    They wouldn’t divulge who they share my person information with in this country and whith whom outside this country among many other things they refused to answer.

    As what what said in cippics articles, i too at first couldn’t get a contact within Bell Canada and was instead told to contact their legal department. Bell themselves said they didn’t know the number for when i asked for it.

    I still have my letters and replies and it is very sobering to think that such a large Canadian corporation wouldn’t answer.

    Cippic raised many good and valid points here. How many millions of peoples information are held by just this one corporation? ….and thats just one.