Conservative MP Introduces ‘Clean Internet Act’

Conservative MP Joy Smith yesterday introduced the Clean Internet Act (Bill C-427).  The private member's bill would establish an Internet service provider licensing system to be administered by the CRTC along with "know your subscriber" requirements and content blocking powers.  Just about everything associated with this bill is (to be charitable) rather odd.  Smith introduced it by warning against the use of the Internet to support human trafficking and added that "the bill would address the fact that child pornography is not okay to put on the Internet throughout our nation," though the Criminal Code already does that.

The bill itself includes (and I am not making this up):

  • an ISP licensing system to be administered by the CRTC that is defined so broadly that it would seemingly capture anyone offering a wifi connection
  • a "know your subscriber" requirement where ISPs would be required to deny service to past offenders (though the ISP would escape liability if upon learning of an offending customer, it terminated service and notified the Minister of Industry)
  • a new power that would allow the Minister of Industry to order an ISP to block access to content that promotes violence against women, promotes hatred, or contains child pornography.  ISPs that fail to block face possible jail time for the company's directors and officers.
  • the Minister of Industry can prescribe special powers to facilitate searches of electronic data systems (ie. lawful access)

Given that this is a private member's bill, it is very unlikely to become law.  That said, this bill would not look out-of-place in countries that aggressively censor the Internet and it makes the dangerous Jennings lawful access bill look positively harmless by comparison.


  1. I offer internet access to my family (multiple computers sharing the same connection)… does that make me an ISP? Would I require a licence? What about a public library that provides internet access, would they need a licence?

    I love this bit: “(3) The Commission may cancel a licence granted under subsection (1) if the licensee or, where the licensee is a corporation, a director or officer of the corporation is convicted of
    (b) an offence under the Criminal Code in the commission of which a woman is the victim of physical violence;”

    So if my victim is male I’m still OK to be a licensed ISP, but if the victim is female I’m not!?!

  2. Censoring the net
    What about violence against women (promoted) in Hollywood movies?
    What about hatred and intolerance that is preached in the name of religion (you do not need to look far to see how many religious organizations are bastions of hatred and intolerance)

    Besides –>we have complete end-to-end encryption systems, internet proxies, anonymous IP’s ( and, onion routing ([ link ]) and even the Freenet project! ([ link ])

    Soon we will be back to wrangling this “internet thing” back into it’s cage…and the days of “freedom and anonymity online” will be forgotten.

    We need politicians that have engineering, mathematics or computer science related degrees rise up and show these fools that their ideas of internet control are futile and a huge waste of resources.

  3. Russel McOrmond says:

    Many times coming
    I believe this is the same bill that has been tabled many times by various MPs of various parties. Chris Axworthy (NDP) tabled Bill C-396 in 1997 and Peter Stoffer (NDP) introduced Bill C-234 in 2002.

    I’ll be posting something soon on my own BLOG.

  4. crack-heads
    Why do our politicians get all the good crack?

    Where do they get all this good crack to dream the stuff up thats being denied to us commoners?

  5. Joy,

    Are you serious? Have you actually solved all of Canada’s other, more important problems, that you have time to dabble in such bills as C-427? I voted Conservative but when MPs like yourself come up with such mind bogglingly stupid ideas like this it really makes me wonder about supporting the party in the future.

    I genuinely feel sorry for the voters of Kildonan-St. Paul when their MP can overlook more pressing problems facing the region and nation and fritter away valuable time to brain fart an idea as utterly useless as C-427.

    You seriously need to get your priorities in order! I did not vote for idiotic decisions from people who do not have any understanding of the technology they so love to meddle with.

    Bowmanville, ON (where MP Bev Oda is doing almost as dumb things)

  6. It makes me wonder says:

    R. Bassett Jr.
    Why the government feels they should be able to regulate a broadcast medium functions almost entirely on dollars and hardware of private companies and citizens? Seriously, if all of the companies who operate the lines, routers, servers, and canopy nodes were to turn them off for a day, the piddly bit of networks actually owned by the government of Canada likely wouldn’t even be able to comunicate with eachother.

    It’s sort of the same thing as the government regulating everything that Canadians (individuals and companies alike) can keep cold in their freezers.

    We, collectively, have paid for and continue to pay for this network and it seems to me that we who own it should be able to use it however we please.

    If people break the law and use the internet to help them do so, how about we arrest them and leave the other 90% of the population out if it.

  7. So wrong…
    Anyone who thinks this bill is a good idea, hasn’t even scratched the surface of the concept of privacy, freedom, or even “quiet enjoyment”… Joy, if you’re reading this, ask yourself one question: Would you allow a camera to be installed in your bathroom, knowing it would be monitored 24×7 only by qualified personnel, in a government-sanctioned manner?

  8. Joy Smith did everyone a big favour introducing this bill. We now know that, like most of us, she’s intellectually unfit to be a MP.

  9. “That said, this bill would not look out-of-place in countries that aggressively censor the Internet and it makes the dangerous Jennings lawful access bill look positively harmless by comparison. ”

    I suspect that’s the whole point.

  10. Rob Gerhardt says:

    I think we all agree that censorship is no substitute for education.

    During my whole life I’ve seen violent movies, played violent games but I’m not a violent person because my parents showed me where the line is.

    This kinds of bills will only bring the worst disease known by the human race : ignorance.

  11. Danny Doucette says:

    I wrote a lengthy email to Mr. Peter Stoffer last month about some similar issues. I received an email from his secretary saying that

    “Peter always responds by phone as he does not access the internet/email and has no computer skills.”

    I wasn’t aware at the time that Mr. Stoffer introduced C-234 in 2002. I’m glad that my computer-scared MP is spending his time trying to regulate the internet with poorly-worded legislation.

  12. Should this bill pass, it would potentially be making families with young children, students in dorm rooms, and coffee shop owners responsible for the Internet activities of people with laptops sitting blocks away.

    Joy seems to regard the Internet as some sort of ‘special’ case, requiring its own set of laws. The Internet is a communications medium – nothing more. Imagine what would happen if she tried to apply this regulatory nightmare to our other media…

    – Canada Post would be responsible for the contents of all envelopes they delivered, and would report on the contents of those letters to government authorities;

    – Phone company execs could be jailed if some no-good threatened his wife using a telephone or fax machine.

    – the Minister of Industry could order all communications companies to cease serving *anyone*, at any time, indefinitely, with no warning or due process, or recourse – effectively barring that person from functioning in society.


  13. Dev
    As soon as you pay my internet service bill, you can regulate what I view. Until then, keep your ideas to yourself.

  14. I think the intention of trying to protect children and women from abusers is a great. But holding an ISP responsible is wrong. Like a previous poster said, canada post would then be responsible for packages, and phone companies for calls made. I’m kind of sick of it being everyone else responsibility to make sure everyone else is on the up and up.

  15. Martin St-A. says:

    Great idea.. for schools and more…
    It is an excellent idea… even more… an ISP should offer the choice to have a “clean” Internet. I am a computer tech. and I will install “NetNanny” or something like that at home.. but what about the Internet at school, at friends home, etc… I worked in a college for the IT dept. and I saw some little girls (secondary school) in a class looking at and I saw pictures of other boys showing muscles… hummm.. I was thinking, what if… (think of the worst). And What if… it is my daughter, I check all her chat logs, teach her how to be aware of Internet bad sides, etc… but once at school, she will be able in 5 minutes to create a new hotmail account and have conversation that I would never be aware of… If an ISP can provide an option to have “clean” internet (every website available by this provider should be “approve” and authorized), I would choose this one for my home and I would suggest the school IT dept. to use this provider… hey…Plus, I think there is money to do whit this !!! If a internet provider reads this, make a team to work on this project right-now ! In a few years… we will talk about the “good” and the “original” Internet.

  16. This type of bill needs to be crushed ASAP. I echo the comments by g…

    – Canada Post would be responsible for the contents of all envelopes.

    – Phone company execs could be jailed if some no-good threatened his wife using a telephone or fax machine.

    – the Minister of Industry could order all communications companies to cease serving *anyone*, at any time, indefinitely, with no warning or due process, or recourse – effectively barring that person from functioning in society.

  17. IT Guy
    I agree, this bill is philosophically, intellectually, and technically bankrupt. It won’t work, and I have no fear it will go anywhere. But it is a stunningly stupid piece of work.

    That said, the previous comment (Martin St-A) is troubling to me. As a parent, I totally ‘get’ his angst about filtering the content a kid may access. I personally don’t believe that NetNanny and its ilk are effective or viable approaches – but to each his own. My preference – where my kids are concerned – is education backed up by a ‘trust-but-verify’ approach where PCs log everything. Were I to ever have a reason to suspect my kids were doing something they shouldn’t, I can find out. That said, I trust them – and myself. That’s my decision as a parent, but I don’t need anyone deciding this stuff for me.

    On the topic of ‘clean Internet’; maybe there’s a market. But just who are you going to trust to do the filtering? Who will decide what to filter? What technology do you trust to do this work? I have some fairly extensive experience with corporate filters (example – Websense), and I would never trust any of this tech to do the job for personal access to the Internet. The Internet is a big place, and the fringes of grey are too wide.

  18. Nation of Babies
    Guns made it easier to kill people, but we didn’t outlaw them completely. We regulated them.

    However, the Internet is not a gun — it doesn’t kill or exploit people. Like a gun, it’s the people who use the Internet that kill and exploit other people. The Internet is as other posters mentioned, more like a phone line. Killers use phones… should we regulate what you’re allowed to say over the phone?

    Many of us are aware to some degree of the world described in Orwell’s 1984. We all understand how far a totalitarian government can go to suppress it’s people in the name of their safety. What if one day it goes beyond that? What if one day there are “thought police” that will hunt you down for having what the government deems are deviant thoughts? Such dystopian stories are supposed to teach us as a society that we need to be unafraid of our freedoms and take the good with the bad.

    We as a people are strong enough to know what is right and wrong. We can teach ourselves to filter the media around us. We don’t need some old crank telling us what to see, hear, and think.

    Besides, like Mr. Geist mentioned; there are already sufficient laws for protecting our society from criminals. We don’t need more shotgun laws to make criminals out of ordinary people. The RIAA is already doing it’s best on that front and we need to stop them as well.

  19. Christian Gross says:

    I read her bill and generally I don’t think it is a bad idea as a starting point. Here is how I would change the bill:

    5 1) No Internet service provider shall knowingly permit the use of its service

    a) materials that breaks the law in Canada

    The a, b, c, d, etc creates a law within the law. You have judgemental issues like what is deemed as hatred against women, and then they could take that to the supreme court and ask for clarification. (Sometimes make you wonder if people actually understand the law.)

    Here is how I would change the next part:

    (2) An Internet service provider is not guilty of an offence under subsection (1) if, after becoming aware based on legal representatives that a person is using its service or facilities to commit an offence under this Act, the Internet service provider

    Again the problem with the original is that somebody could cry wolf without any legal clarification. If the ISP gets a court order, or something legal then hey why not…

    Drop 6…

    Oh wait as I go on I realize that we don’t need this bill because the LAW already regulates what you can and cannot say… Hmmm….

  20. Why do all, and I DO mean ALL, the conservatives in the world seem to have embraced fascism? And why are the “citizens of the world” ignorant enough to elect them?

  21. Please call her office and let them know how this is such a bad idea.

    Riding Office – East
    Ph: (204) 984-6322

    Riding Office – West
    Ph:(204) 983-1235

    Parliament Hill
    Ph: (613) 992-7148

  22. Whilst it is true that ISPs do need regulation to help protect consumers from the totally one sided terms of service most currently offer, they certainly do not need this kind of regulation. Conservatives talk about less government intrusion into the day to day lives of the citizenry, and yet they have the habit of continually proffering up bills like this one which take government intrusion to new levels which compare only to police states!

    I have certainly seen this kind of demand for lawmaking before emanating from the religious right in the USA who seem to seek to control the population in the name of a deity yet disguise their attempts in such politically points gaining endeavours such as the prevention of child pornography and the prevention of violence against women.

    This is yet more proof that laws that exist now cannot be adequately enforced to prevent these things, and so new laws endeavour to turn more and more agencies into agents of the police. This is sadly reminiscent of what happened in pre-WWII Germany, where through the Hitler Youth even children were turned into agents of the law enforcement system. I’m by no means saying that will happen, but what I am suggesting is that one doesn’t know where this will stop. Who will we have to look over our shoulder to avoid for unfair persecution.

    Look at the laws against suspected terrorists where people can be held in the US indefinitely without recourse through the courts system.

    This is a scary world as people focus so much energy on spying on the actions of millions to attempt to catch a few.

  23. Mike
    Grandstanding, foolish grandstanding.

    I wish the government and politicians would stop wasting my tax dollars and do something useful. Maybe they could legislate the weather to stay warm in the winter. That way, I wouldn’t have to spend so much time down south.

    Maybe instead of legislating daylight savings time, they could order the sun to stay up longer during the winter months. That would solve the problem.

    The only arm of the government that doesn’t seem like a complete buffoonery is the taxation department. They are on the ball. Everyone else. Not much use for them.

    And politicians like this are the worst of the lot. If the HofC stopped dealing with stupid things, they would only have to sit 1 or 2 days a year. Wouldn’t that be great?

  24. Unfrickenbelieveable
    Are you serious?. After all the problems with this country you guys want to spend resources on crap laws like this?.
    What is it with the government, do you guys have some hidden duty to intrude and ruin everyones private, and previously free lives.
    Do you all realise that the internet is the only remaining free source to outlet your ideas, and opinions beside inside your own minds.
    This is a bill that I would expect from a communist country, and if it is implemented it will surely be abused to keep people from learing about anything that the government does not see fit.
    It will be abused just like every other governmental power.

  25. That is sick. You people need to spend few years in states like former Soviet Union in order to understand real values of freedoms people fought for with their lives at stake. “Clean Internet Act” – we should kill the monster while it small and make sure nobody ever will bring those ideas back. I think if that MP proposed something like “Holocaust Denial Act” that would get more attention, but for me it is a SAME. Never give your freedoms away!!! Conservatives suck!

  26. flip-flop
    Okay, lemme get this straight, these guys say ISP registration is good and gun registration is bad?

  27. FIRE-THE-MP-NOW! says:

    Clean up the Internet!?!… What kind of *$(# drugs are these MP’s on? The Internet is the #1 place in the world for freedom of speech. We tell China to clean up their human rights, we scough at their Firewall & citizen censorship enforcement, we fight real wars past & present to offer oppressed nations a more free world where individuals have choice in thought & its expression in speech, and then we turn around and have our own internal Canadian MP’s propose a bill like this ?!?!

    Seriously, somebody needs to smack this guy upside the head, better yet, get him the hell out of our legislative buildings!!!

  28. Voter
    Someone mentioned the idea of a ‘Clean Internet’ and that is would be something that they would buy for their family…
    Well that seemed to have passed us by, it was known as AOL!!

    This is a waste of time and for a government that loved to complain about government waste, this takes the cake!!!

  29. Blaming the victim?
    From section 8 of the bill:
    (4) No person shall respond to a contact that is made using the Internet for the purpose of facilitating a designated offence involving a child.

    Does this mean that when someone does manage to use the internet to facilitate committing a \”designated offence involving a child\” that the victim is also guilty of an offence? Forget merely blaming the victim, this bill would put the victim in jail!

  30. Just another backbencher looking to get some press – albeit bad press. No citizen would stand for this. It should be thrown out quicker than a used tampon.

  31. Oh, for how long have we had the CRTC “Protecting” us from media “invasions”. Give me a break! I vote and pay taxes and can bloody well decide for myself what I wish to see and not see. Why do people get elected to Ottawa and feel the need to be supernanny? If the gun registery cost $2Billion, what is this going to be worth? Goverment should be trying to help improve the country, not regulate our lives. Maybe if you folks had to EARN the tax dollars that get fritered away so easily, garbage ideas like this wouldn’t even get to conception!
    Ross in Calgary

  32. Canadian
    Joy is an idiot. She has no idea what she is talking about. Maybe she is hoping the luddites of Canada will somehow think she is innovative and savey. Perhaps she should get a job with the CRTC. I hate old farts thinking they know whats good for us.

    Please email this pillock and talk some sense into her.

  33. Let me get this straight, blocking what I can see online is going to prevent violence against women and child porn? But… by the time I see the kiddie porn online wouldn’t it be too late already? Scratch that, there I go using my brain again…

    Just like making it harder (read long and painful) for me to buy a gun is going to prevent me from robbing a bank or murdering someone once I get said gun, brilliant! “I’m sorry officer, I don’t understand how I could murder my estranged wife with my gun, it’s registered!”

    Instead of wasting time and money on bills like this why not work on educating people that hate and such is bad and teach by example with stiffer penalties for those crimes. Is it just me or can we do just about anything in Canada and only get what amounts to a slap on the wrist?

  34. Tomfoolery
    This is complete and utter garbage,

    Why not just have the government regulate what we can eat too, or better yet an exercise regime, that way we don’t have obese people too

  35. Mr.
    Sent to my MP with copies to Ms Smith and Mr. Harper. Perhaps a few of you would like to also write their MPs.

    The Honorable Gary Lunn MP,

    I am writing to you today in regards to and opposition to the Clean Internet Act (Bill C-427). This is a private members bill introduced by the Honorable Joy Smith.

    This bill among other things proposes the following (quoted from [ link ]):

    * an ISP licensing system to be administered by the CRTC that is defined so broadly that it would seemingly capture anyone offering a wifi connection

    * a \”know your subscriber\” requirement where ISPs would be required to deny service to past offenders (though the ISP would escape liability if upon learning of an offending customer, it terminated service and notified the Minister of Industry)

    * a new power that would allow the Minister of Industry to order an ISP to block access to content that promotes violence against women, promotes hatred, or contains child pornography. ISPs that fail to block face possible jail time for the company\’s directors and officers.

    * the Minister of Industry can prescribe special powers to facilitate searches of electronic data systems (ie. lawful access)

    I am the owner of a small Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Victoria, BC, a member of the Conservative party of Canada and in the last election an active supporter of your campaign both financially and as a volunteer.

    As you are probably aware, ISPs are considered common carriers, similar to the telephone companies – such that they are not held responsible for the information that passes through their network from and to their clients. To do otherwise would put a huge burden of judgment upon the ISPs that they are not qualified to perform. The effects on free speech that this bill proposes are chilling. And this does not consider the technical and cost considerations.

    The technical problems and resulting costs to implement the schemes suggested would be huge as compared to the potential revenue, and would most likely force much of the hosting and other Internet value added services out of the country.

    I am aware that this is a private members bill, and as such will probably go nowhere, but still, the member is a member of your Conservative caucus and I expect more common sense from Conservative members. The Criminal Code of Canada already deals harshly with child pornography, violence against others (not just women) and the incitation of hatred. There is nothing to be gained by adding foolish regulations and restrictions to small business, and much to be lost. As I said above, I expect more of Conservatives. Even back benchers. All of the party and the government is tainted by Ms Smith\’s poorly considered and researched bill.

    The \”Political Experience\” on your web site indicates that you have been an MP for 9 years and 10 months. Since I have been in Victoria for 16 years and have always voted for Reform or the Alliance or the Conservatives, I guess I have supported and voted for you in every election you have participated in. I may have to reconsider this choice if Ms. Smith\’s bill gets past first reading. Perhaps you could discuss this with her.

    If you are interested in viewing some discussion on this bill you may want to look at [ link ] is an Internet forum where people interested in things technical discuss those things. It is an open forum so as you might expect the quality goes from awful to awesome.

  36. The Oompa Loomba
    This is why we should not let politicians make decisions.

    And I am growing tired of the CRTC. A body who continues to seek relevance in a country that no longer needs it.

    And I am growing tired of the hotbutton pressing publicity pandering politicians using “violence against women” (I guess violence against men is A-OK!!!) “child porn” “hate” “piracy” and “terrorism” to cull our free speech rights. As far as I know, all those things are ALREADY ILLEGAL.

  37. To: Martin St-A
    From: Personal Responsibility
    Subject: I Surrender

  38. If we’re really going to make a clean Internet, can we make it idiot free too? I figure if we’re going to waste the next 20 years on it anyways…

  39. No Common Carrier in Canada
    Deid … there is no such thing as exists in the US called the “Common Carrier”. That said, it is my understanding that the Canadian Judiciary have held that ISPs cannot be held responsible for the content traversing their networks unless they are aware of it. In effect creating the “Common Carrier”. However, since it’s case law stemming from common law, it could be undone at the stroke of a pen.

  40. Martin St-A – are you crazy?
    I share the views of many people here repudiating this proposed private bill, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that comment from Martin St-A. What is wrong with you? People like this is what is pushing us in this fear-driven direction.

    I have a daughter and like you I work in in the I.T. industry and I’m concerned with her well being. Just like any new father. That said, I have no intention in following her around and controlling every action she does, including her Internet usage. You know why? Not because I don’t care, because it’s just impossible and morally wrong!

    So what you do then? You educate and trust your daughter. You encourage a strong moral behaviour and you let her be. Or is your mum still on your neck controlling everything you do (maybe she is, sorry man).

    I’m so frustrated with people like Martin St-A that are afraid of the world they live in and try to pull all of us with them in their paranoia. If you have personal issues deal with them. Get some help. That’s why we pay taxes for.

    But, please don’t use your citizen vote to promote idiotic ideas like this. For your daughter’s sake (and mine), please grow up and take responsibility!

  41. Response to Esteban above
    I agree with above statements about personal responsibility. I truly believe that people should take responsibility of their actions, as well as those under your care (children and such). The more that we rely on others to make our decisions for us, the more we become thoughtless ‘puppets’.

    I believe this bill is but one more possible step in that direction for our society. We have to all realize that the only people who can see what best is happening, and how to deal with it, is ourselves. It is next to impossible for a third party source to truly do the ‘right thing’ for each of us, since we are each and all different and have different morals.

  42. Stuart
    I don’t know that getting rid of pornography is a good idea. I like to watch a little smut, as a substitute for going out to rape someone. It might be a good bill if it got rid of to the ‘guy in the sky’ religious garbage that we have to put up with just because there are a bunch of canucks who can’t stand on their own two feet without a crutch. Get real!

  43. Common Sense
    This topic has hit a raw nerve for many people. No normal person will deny that child pornography, violence against women and similar vile acts are bad. What we don’t need is mis informed, politicians tabling misguided legislation under the banner of saving children from exploitation.

    Politicians, get some competent advisor’s and listen to the people before you act on issues like this. ISP’s get paid to deliver packets to customers and the content of those packets are none of the ISP’s business. If you had competent advisors, they would tell you that while it’s possible for ISP’s to inspect each packet, the cost is prohibitive (unless you are the state of China and you use stolen IP to create you own monitoring technology). If an individual is suspected of wrong doing, a court order can allow the police to reproduce everything that the individual downloads from the internet.

    If a parent wants to protect their household, there are many measures that they can use to do so including subscriptions to services that block a wide range of potentially offensive material. Rogers offers a service that we use for our pre-teen son that blocks non child content, alerts us if he communicates with someone not on our list of approved people. It’s very restrictive, but that’s OK right now. Legislate that this service should be available at no cost to anyone who wants it for their home, but don’t filter the internet.

    Finally, there are excellent tools to discretely monitor internet use. The problem is, mommy might not like where daddy is surfing, and heck, in our organization, sweeps of hard disks for inappropriate content surprising showed that the ladies can be as adventurous as the men.

    Martin St-A, shame on you for taking the position that the only way to solve the problem is to legislate a “clean internet” You claim to be a computer tech, but you sure don’t know a lot about technology, yet statements like yours scare the hell out of non tech’s who don’t know better.

    Parents: If you are concerned about what is coming into your house, perform your duty as parent, research the options and take the action based on the options that are available to you. If you do that, and educate your children to think and understand the concept of choices and consequences, they will grow up safely.

    Common sense. That’s what is missing in our politicians who craft this kind of crap, and in the parents who blindly ignore the role of the internet in their household and lives of their children. Is it possible to enact a law that prevents stupidity?

  44. anti_idiot says:

    I got it …
    Oh I agree with this bill as long as it’s reworded that ALL politicians and their corporate buddies get to have all their communications made public first. Then subject to all applicable laws and moral values.
    Minimum sentence for any infraction is 50 lashes, fully naked on parliament hill and minimum audience of 25 million people.
    Will this make politicians responsible for their actions?
    And is this too rude by any chance?

  45. CarbonEagle says:

    Who Cares
    With the number of technichally literate and outraged people in canada and mabey in other countries as well it wouldnt take long for holes to show up. In fact the only way to totally stop everything would be to block every IP adress outside of canada.
    In our school we have bess, a program that blocks “inaproppriate”(aka almost everything) sites. its a hindrance at best. I have my own proxy running off my computer at home that lets me and my buddies surf the net as we please.
    all you need is a buddy outside canada to set up a proxy for you. as long as your the only person using it the traffic would be so low it would go totaly unnoticed
    problem solved

  46. Jim
    Currently, our pre-teen youth is watching the worst porn imaginable on the net, maybe not on your computer, but certainly at a friends. Television doesnt allow this. Why should the internet? As for personal freedoms, to whoever is offended by this…get a real life. For heavens sake, can nothing be sacred any longer? This bill is a great idea and long overdue. Come on legislators, get hip and learn what’s actually going on behind closed doors with the internet and what our youth are actually watching.

  47. ??????why???????