EFF Report on RIAA P2P Lawsuits

The EFF has issued a report on four years of RIAA file sharing lawsuits, demonstrating conclusively how the suits have caused real harm to some individuals, yet done little to address concerns over peer-to-peer file sharing.

One Comment

  1. I agree!
    Although I’m Canadian, and so have some level of protection from the Private Copying Levy (this could be debated), I would have absolutely *no* issue with paying $5/mth to ensure that my music collection is legit. And many other people I suspect would be the same way.

    The music industry would likely make *way* more money like this, than they are shoveling out lawsuits they way they’ve been doing. A switch like this would renew my faith in the music industry.

    All told, this is a very well written, and thought provoking call-out of the music industry. We can only hope, for *their* sake, that they listen. Because it’s obvious that the masses aren’t about the change.