Unlocked iPhones in Canada?

Vito Pilieci of the Ottawa Citizen reports that Puremobile, which has offices in Alberta, will be selling unlocked iPhones that will run on the Rogers network.

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  1. Paul C. Bryan says:

    Which seems economically unfeasible given the prices Rogers charges for its data services. Perhaps it’s time for someone to patent one-click bankruptcy.

  2. Hope they have lots of cash
    Anyone hooking the iphone up to Rogers better be ready for a big surprise when they get their data bill.

  3. retired
    great idea! now if someone can just get a functionally equivalent to the iPhone for a realistic price it will be even better. I wonder what you will have to do if you live in Saskatchewan which I understand is a one provider dictatorship

  4. iphone unlocked
    I’ve just unlocked an iphone with the opensource unlocker that was released today and it’s running very nicely on Rogers. The prices Rogers charges are outrageous, and I completely agree with another posting on this site that this is relegating Canadian mobile users to envious bystanders. So for anyone doing this, just make sure you use the data-hungry device for calls only while you’re not in wifi range.

  5. Brendan
    Maybe you guys should do some research first. My Iphone bill is usually around 45 or so dollars a month, with data.