DMCA Used to Sue Over Bad Movie Review

This is what Jim Prentice wants for Canada?!


  1. This story is less about the DCMA than it is about (temporarily?) crazy people making baseless threats involving the DCMA. I wonder if the link really belongs here, except that I guess it illustrates how a bad law could make a bad situation even worse (even though in this case, it didn’t have any influence at all).

  2. Cary Schwartzman says:

    This story perfectly exemplifies everything that is wrong with American copyright law: it gives RIDICULOUS control over media to the creator. Excuse me? Suing a reviewer of your movie because you don’t like what he wrote about you?

    How old are these guys, exactly? Eight? Nine? Does somebody know that recess is over but they’re still on the playground?

  3. While an interesting read, I’m not sure this story has much to do with DMCA.

    It sounds more like some paranoid blowhard is sending emails quoting laws he doesn’t understand.

  4. Jessica
    It has everything to do with the DMCA. Asses like this are realizing they can can bludgeon people with DMCA cease and desist letters if they don’t like what the person is saying in say a movie review.

    Many if not most ISP’s are more likely to take down a questioned site rather than leave it up because they don’t want an expensive court battle.

    Whether or not the DMCA is intended as a censorship tool, the current implementation makes it a highly effective one.

  5. No, it has nothing to do with DCMA. 300baud is right. Most ISPs will ignore letters that don’t actually have any basis for alleging infringement. We don’t scrap laws because people make false claims.