Saving Search Engine

A Facebook group has formed to save the great CBC Radio show Search Engine, which disappointingly has not been renewed for next year.


  1. Search Engine continues, but in a differ
    Although Search Engine has not been renewed, it is my understanding from listening to Jesse Brown that the podcast and blog will continue, and that Search Engine will transform from a radio show to segments on other shows, possibly including on television broadcasts. So, this appears to be less of an outright cancellation and more of a transformation.

  2. ??
    But they’ve dismantled the production team for the radio show and Podcast, haven’t they?

    I can’t figure this one out — hasn’t Search Engine won a bunch of awards?

  3. AC
    Too good for their own good?

  4. Anonymous says:

    They got shut down because of the Prentice Interview… remember the commissioner of CBC got there because of the PM, who is part of the conservative party… and the Prentice Interview is the last one before everybody gets fired and removed it from air… smells fishy!

  5. Alfred Ayache says:

    Pickled Per Prentice
    “They got shut down because of the Prentice Interview..”

    Nuh-uh. The Prentice interview aired on the same show they announced their closure.