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Public Left Out Of ACTA Talks

Appeared in the Toronto Star on July 28, 2008 as Public Left Out of Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Talks Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the leaders of G8 countries closed their recent summit in Hokkaido, Japan by encouraging "the acceleration of negotiations to establish a new international legal framework, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade […]

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Canadian Conference of the Arts on C-61

The CCA puts out two documents (1, 2), which acknowledge that a key driver behind the bill is "unrelenting pressure from the United States and the mass media interests who regard Canadian copyright law as harmful to their economic interests. (This despite the fact that the World Economic Forum rates […]

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More MP Responses to C-61

Mark O'Sullivan blogs about Conservative MP's Lynn Yelich's response, while the Mad Analogy blog focuses on a response from Liberal MP Hedy Fry.

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